21 Days and a Bacon Ring

You see that ring there?  You see what is cooking in the background?  Yeah–they are the same. I bought a freaking bacon ring.  Why did I buy a bacon ring?  Because I am the girl who shows up places carrying mason jars of water and bags of bacon.  I love bacon.

When I am cooking bacon, story ideas come to me or I work out what to do in a story I am working on.  It is quite fascinating really. 🙂 So, of course I needed a ring made from bacon!   I was asked, “Why would you buy a bacon ring?”  My response, “Why wouldn’t I buy a bacon ring?”

Here is a link to the artists website.  Oh she also has roast beef jewelry as well.   http://www.zanneavenue.com/

Okay, onto book news…I have 21 days until I publish.  AHHH! How am I feeling?  I am feeling crazed, obsessed, overwhelmed, ecstatic, elated, euphoric, you name it…the feeling is coursing through me when I think about hitting that publish button.  I also really want to get started on the next in the series.  Wait what? Series?

Yes, series.  I figured it out a while ago and I think I have a post or two about it, but I don’t believe I shared the name of my series. The Böhme. The what? The Böhme. The German word for bohemian, with a little English thrown in.  Each book in the series is going to focus on a different member of a group of artists, writers, and musicians. I am super excited about the ideas I have coming to me and I can’t wait to put them in order.  I have so many word documents created of scenes that come to me in the middle of the night and when I am cooking bacon. 😉

Other than all of this, I have no major news yet. Be on the lookout for more memes and posts about little book tidbits as the day grows ever closer to when I hit publish.

Speaking of days growing closer…they announced the release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition!  October 7 baby!  I better have my next book done by then because I will need to make room in my schedule to play that.

Current book I am reading:  johnny, the Mark of Chaos.  This book is one of my absolute favorites and I think this is the third or fourth time for me to read it.  Such an awesome story, from an awesome, awesome woman.

Currently playing:  NOTHING, and it sucks.  I did start playing Alan Wake though the other night.  That is an interesting game…about a writer no less. Also, still playing Walking Dead Season 2 by TellTale Games.  Just waiting on the next episode.

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