Dystopia…oh how I’ve missed you.

I picked up my dystopian story this morning.  Well, not really picked it up, but I began to read through it again.  It is completely different than penance.  It is darker, less philosophical and a hell of a lot more “adult” as opposed to “new adult.”  What the hell is the difference you might ask?  Well I like to think of penance. as R rated as opposed to NC-17 which is what the dystopian story is rated in my mind.  It isn’t focused on the NC-17 and sex isn’t the main theme of the book, but there are some scenes in my dystopian that would make my mother blush.  (Sorry Mom, it just sounded more catchy to say that.)

When I began writing it a little over a year ago, I didn’t intend for it to be more adult.  But the farther I got into the story and the background, I knew it had to be, because honestly this society and the circumstances I have created, crap is going to happen.  I can’t sugar coat it and black out on scenes and then start up the next one with just emotions and say, “Oh yeah, that was bad, remember when that one thing happened?”  I had to get into it.  I had to. So the farther I got into the story, the more came out.  I can’t get into the details right now, because I am only ten chapters into this book, but there is a lot to it and I love it.

There is a completely different part of my creativity and influence that this story taps into and it is shows in the music I find myself listening to as I write.  Gone are the love songs and the feel good songs.

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