Literary tattoos?

Yes, literary tattoos. Tattoos made from quotes. Beautiful, amazing tattoos made from quotes or sections of books, or just simply words. I spend a great deal of time surfing the web and looking at them.  There are a few websites devoted entirely to them.

I just recently started using pinterest and while spending time scoping out the images on there I discovered this pinned to a board. They got the image from this post on  Why is that important? It is my tattoo. Holy cow, my own literary tattoo made it to someone’s board. 🙂

Enough about my tattoo, onto my reason for this post.

This obsession with them led to me creating a character covered in them.  My character, Wynn, had a horrible childhood and he found healing in the words he read.  This began his journey with literary tattoos.    You can read the quotes that form Wynn’s Tattoos here.  Getting tattoos to cope may seem illogical to some of you, but we all have our own ways about us don’t we?

Each of us try to cope with things in life in our own way, some may lash out at those around them and some may focus their pain inwardly.  Life can be hard for each of us at different times. This is what penance. is about, though it is a love story, it is also a story of overcoming the pain of our pasts to become the person we were meant to be.

“You know when you see it, that person felt those particular words to their core. It hit a depth so raw it clawed its way out of their skin to leave a permanent mark.” 



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