Write what you know.

Mark Twain said that and I assume every author has heard it. Write what you know.  As I am working on promoting penance. along with writing my dystopian novel, I continue to go back to the next book in the Böhme series. I keep hearing that statement over and again.

Write what you know.

Without even realizing it, I have done exactly what is suggested. I set out to write stories about people who are a part of society that I love. I love the misfits, the bohemians, the nerds, the people that get left by the wayside because they don’t always fit in. Those are the stories I want to hear.

Toni Morrison said,

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

That is why I began writing this series. I wanted to read stories about artists and misfits. I was an artist and misfit… I guess in a way, I still am. I never realized I was until last year. How funny is that? I am thirty-four years young and I am just now figuring that out?

There are more stories to come in the Böhme series and I woke up this morning and the perfect idea came to me and I cannot wait to work on it. So, I will be working on two books to be finishing up now.  I am excited to tap into this character and to see where they take me on my next writing journey. It will be a good one. 🙂


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