A post on Wynn

Wynn? Who is Wynn? Well if you have not read penance. a love story, you won’t know who he is. But that isn’t going to stop me from making this post! 🙂

Wynn is the hero of my story. The Noble Savage that shows truth in his quietness, and strength in his uniqueness. Oh how I do love Wynn.

The thing that I was not anticipating in the writing process was how much I was going to love my characters. I understand now what authors mean when they say that their characters are like family and friends. They are just as close to you and you are just as protective of them. That being said, I was nervous to let them out into the world.


It seems that readers have felt the same way about them.

I find it amazing to hear how much readers have enjoyed penance. I get blown away every time I read a review or receive an email from a reader who has connected with it. But what makes me swoon the most is knowing that you connected with Wynn and found him as awesome as I did.

I am going to be featured in an indie author interview on Pretty Little Pages on Monday and one of the questions was who would I cast as the characters in penance. if it were ever made into a movie.  While writing penance. I made sure not to think of any actor or actress as Hannah and Wynn because I wanted to give them their own voice and mannerisms as I wrote.

I told my very best friend that I imagined penance. playing out as an indie romance movie. That genre is a favorite of both of ours because of the quiet emotional moments that you always find in one. It is the moment in the film where no words are spoken, but you can feel it. Just by the scene’s set up before you, you know how the characters feel and sometimes it is heart wrenching.

That said, I knew the actors I had to pick for Hannah and Wynn had to have some serious depth to them… or that had to be capable of portraying some serious depth. I wasn’t going to just go pick some random person. They had to possess the eyes especially. If you have read penance. you know what I am referring to with their eyes. Eyes are a big part of the story.

So began some mad Google searching to find the perfect ones. I must say though Hannah was a lot easier than Wynn. But, I will get into the Hannah post at a different time. You will see her later. 🙂

But Wynn. Oh man… Wynn, Wynn, Wynn. I had to clear him by my same friend I just spoke of earlier. She saw both of them and said she concurred with my decision. (I love the word concur by the way. I prefer it over agree.)

So now, virtual drum roll please…

Meet my perfect Wynn.

Landon Liboiron… the eyes, the hair, the beard, the uniqueness…

Landon Liboiron as Wynn


And look… here he is using a camera. 🙂

See. Perfect. 🙂


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