A post on Hannah

Back to the who would you cast question. 🙂

It is now Hannah’s turn.

I loved Hannah.

She was definitely a character that told more with her expressions and her eyes than words spoken. She became like a friend to me the farther into the story I went and she pissed me off at times, but I felt horrible for her at times as well.  But one thing was always clear, the girl could tell you a thousand stories with her eyes. I mean, remember the “many expressions of Hannah” Wynn described?

He said it best when he described her eyes. (I won’t give specifics, just in case you haven’t read it yet.)

So who did I choose for Hannah?

The lovely and amazing Saoirse Ronan.  She is only twenty and already has as much depth in her expressions as a seasoned actress. Every film I have seen her in has been amazing. She owned the film Atonement and she was only a little girl. She would be a fantastic Hannah.




This last one is included just for the fact that Tom Hiddleston is in the photo with her. lol
But she does have the perfect Hannah high bun going on as well.



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