Böhme 1, Penance

Penance a love story Sarah BuhlExcerpt from Penance:

The morning light soaked through the white curtains casting an ethereal glow through our room.  Her hair cascaded around her as she breathed in the moment, taking in the dawning light.

“Wynn, tell me this will never end.”  She said, pulling me in closer to her and wrapping my arm around her in our usual hold. Her back was pulled against my chest as I felt our breathing fall into the same rhythm.  I breathed in the scent of her hair and let myself feel the moment.  I loved her enough to know that this won’t last forever, nothing can and I accepted that. 

“It won’t end, Hannah, but everything changes. It is the way of the universe.  This moment right now is what matters.  Right now is all we have, forever.”



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